Where's Melos (2022)

See this post for an up-to-date guide on my links.


This is Melos Han-Tani's 2nd blog, starting from 2020/11! You probably know this if you're coming from Twitter, but I'm an game music composer and independent game developer. More on that here. I like how this 'zonelets' system Marina Kittaka made is more lightweight. I'll probably be blogging here from now on.

Other Writing

My (casual) game reviews are on my Backloggd account, a great site for rating/reviewing games.

My (casual) book reviews are on my Goodreads account.

My previous blog, containing essays/reviews prior to 2020 is over at: my Wordpress..

On Zonelets

You should consider making a Zonelet! Writing can be playful, revealing, fun, a great way to wrap your mind around something in your life. If you do make a Zonelet, I suggest you add a Disqus comment section to your script.js and also make your site RSS compatible (check out my feed.txt for an example of how RSS works, or see this tutorial.

I recommend using a Markdown Editor to write your zonelet posts: you can then copy paste the markdown file into a Markdown to HTML Converter, and copy paste the post into Neocities and it'll look nice!

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