Where's Melos on the Internet? 2022 Edition

Due to recent news I thought it might be good to collect where I would end up if Twitter were actually to vanish.

I want to follow your game updates!

I think if you follow just one link here, follow my Itch.io page. It's a place I already have a decent following at so I'd probably move to posting future game updates there. I didn't do it for Sephonie but I'd like to again for future games.

For less frequent game updates:

I want to follow your writing!

I want to follow your Twitter-like posts if Twitter is gone!

This is my Mastodon account: https://mastodon.social/@HanTani. It won't be active unless Twitter's actually gone. I don't have a Cohost and probably won't make one as I do writing at other sites (see above).

I want to follow other things!