Hello everyone. This is Melos here. I'm testing out Marina's new Zonelets blogging system. So far, it's working great. I'd actually like to move my blog off of Wordpress some day, since it's clunky and they seem to keep adding useless crap to it.

What happened today? Well, a few things. For one, I worked on our new game, S(redacted). I've also been playing this idle RPG game called "Melvor Idle". It's not a particularly innovative or compelling game, but it's pretty fun because it's based on Runescape, a famous MMORPG I used to play in High School. https://melvoridle.com/?l=1 Idle RPGs are kind of interesting. On one hand they're dopamine treadmills: the goal is to make numbers go up. But it's also fun to just explore the game's systems and see the ways in which resources convert into other resources! I don't play many sandbox games, but I can see the appeal of them while playing Melvor. Part of the 'metagame' of idle RPGs is to try and discover the fastest ways to make money and make your numbers go up! Wow!

Well, also, I generally just have a level of nostalgia for Runescape, and the way Melvor's systems are set up are to mimic its combat, crafting and gathering almost identically. It's like the dopamine hit of Runescape without having to waste time clicking around its world!